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Passenger Services

Private Charter Operations 


Airport Aviation Services have the only Fixed Base Operator (FBO) in the International Airport of San Juan (SJU), Puerto Rico, also count with a hangar. That gives to the Security Department the privilege to get in charge of many private flights that arrive in SJU. Here the private clients can solve mechanical problems on their planes and also get quality services such as: catering, aircraft storage, aircraft cleaning, aircraft security, local transportation, escorts, among others.


In-Gate Agents Service 


The In-gate agent is a dedicated position for special service interaction inside the terminal. The agents are in charge of the gate operation, creating a plan to better serve the passengers. The plan always includes all the passenger information (flight, seat number & status) to give a quality experience and comply with their needs.


Cabin Cleaning


Includes the cleaning of all the compartments of the passenger cabin area, such as: seats, overhead bins, floors and galleys areas. Our personnel are trained and certified to performed this task in accordance Occupational Safety Health Administration (OSHA).




All Airport Aviation Services employees are submitted every year to a training provided by the aircraft operator. This is called the Annual Recurrent Training (ART) that includes a review of new policies or changes in procedures.


Cabin Security Search


In order to perform this task, our employees have taken the necessary training and practice provided by airlines, supervisors, and always meeting all requirements and regulations of TSA, FAA, IATA and airlines itself.


Ramp Security


At the ramp area our personnel will check all aircraft doors, bellies, engines, wings and baggage compartments. Also, our personnel will check and controlled all employees and third person parties’ ID’s accessing the area. Controlled access to the aircraft performing a pat-down or hand held metal detector for an individual.


Make-up Security


Our agents will be designated to the make-up area and secure the luggage that comes from the front counter. Any suspicious bag will be immediately reported to our Ground Security Coordinator (GSC) that is going to consult with an airline representative and we will take the appropriate security measures.


Catering Site Security Inspections


Our exclusive Catering Security Inspection will vary as to the safety procedures for each airline. All air carriers have established different procedures of caterer’s service security inspection, going above and beyond TSA requirements.


Baggage Claim Security


An agent will be patrolling the baggage claim area to help the airline to minimize baggage missed and providing security and presence for the safety of the passenger.


X-ray Security Operations


Airport Aviation Services (A.A.S.) X-ray Security Operation Team is highly trained personnel, meeting all requirements, regulations and standards of TSA to operate and perform the screening of merchandise with a L-3 Communications - Security and Detection Systems machine.

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